I.T. Kidz is a fun and safe environment for your child to learn and grow


Help your child get ahead of the technology game by learning to code , design logos, and learn functional and helpful skills to enhance their school learning. We don’t just offer coding, but real practical life skills for them to take into their futures


One of the things we’ve found the kids love is learning to type. Typing properly with 10 fingers is an art skill that will help them get ahead in all of their classes throughout primary, high school and university. We have a fun application that introduces children to the keyboard with games and fun that they can take home and continue to learn and develop their skills with

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Beginners & Intermediate / December & January

See how much fun your child can have

Our classes are all about helping your child be confident with their use of computers. Take a look at our video below to see how much fun they can have while learning to be creative and develop great coding skills

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Beginners & Intermediate / December & January

Kids Creativity in Action

Check out some of the work from our recent classes

Your Kids Work

We’re as proud of your kids’ work as you are! 

Parent Testimonials

Here’s what some of our parents say of their children’s experience at the I.T. Kidz Camp

My daughter loved coming to the I.T Kidz Camp. She learned how to type efficiently and it’s really helped her


My 3 boys attended an I.T Kidz school holiday camp last holidays and had a fantastic time. What they’ve learned has helped give them confidence


My son had an absolute ball.  He loved what he learned and has continued to use the skills when he got home.  He definitely wants to come back next week.  The staff were really friendly and it was a great environment.


Kids Testimonials

What our I.T. Kidz have to say…

“My favourite thing about the class was learning to type and seeing the teachers each day. They were really friendly and fun. I also liked designing in Canva.”


Year 4

“I loved learning to code my own game, and playing with Rowdy in the park”


Year 2

“I had a lot of fun learning to type fast, and I loved coding my own game. The teachers were really fun and friendly”.


Year 3

Typing Challenge

Join our typing challenge to beat our CEO Louise!! Practise every day and you’ll get there… email us to let us know your latest score.

Louise R

Our Team

Our team are hand picked both for their love of teaching as well as their skills in designing and coding.  All are university qualified and have current Working with Children Checks


Team Leader


Coding Expert


Coding Expert


Fun Leader

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What if my child hasn’t done any coding before?

Our introduction class doesn’t require your child to have done any coding previously. We start from the beginning, but also have several levels of coding exercises that can be implemented during the class to ensure that we cater for different levels within class.

Our Intermediate and advanced classes cater for those children who have either attended one of our previous classes, or another coding class. 

What do I need to pack on the day?

On the day, we just ask you to pack your children some lunch and a bottle of water.  We will supply morning and afternoon tea.  

Can I use my Creative Kids Voucher?

Yes, enter the code CreativeKidz when booking to receive a deduction of $100 for your child’s class attendance. 

What qualifications do your teachers have?

Our teachers are all university qualified or studying I.T. or communications.  They all have current working with children checks. 

School Holiday Class Prices

We have a range of classes for you to choose from. All our classes are available for use with your Creative Kids Voucher.  

one day

In this one day intermediate course, your child will already have basic coding skills. This class will give them greater knowledge and understanding

$ 150

/ day

Two Day Introduction

This class assumes your child hasn’t done any programming before, or has very basic skills.  We will build on these, introduce 10 finger typing, make a game and learn how to create a logo in Canva

$ 300

2 days

two days intermediate

If your child has completed an I.T. Lady or other coding camp, this will take their skills to the next level. We’ll do advanced game making, further their typing skills and cover more detailed canva design

$ 300

2 days

Bookings now open for Summer 2021/2022