Nancy was having troubles with her Optus Internet.  She had called them and they had been out for a site visit and said there were no issues.  The connection from their end was fine.  It worked for 10 minutes after they left and then stopped working.  Internet was dropping in and out and Netflix movies were taking ages to download.  NBN is not yet available in Nancy’s neighbourhood.

I.T. Lady attended Nancy’s house and checked the internet connection.  There was an old telephone cable between the wall and the modem which seemed faulty so we replaced the cable.  Everything worked again for a period of time but there was still intermittent issues.  Nancy is disabled and has limited funds. I.T Lady was able to identify that the old modem was an issue so replaced it with a spare from our office at no charge.  We then set up the modem so that it had a more ‘friendly’ wifi name that was easily identifiable by the family, and connected all the devices in the house including the smart TV.  There have been no issues since the installation of the new modem and the new cables.

Lessons: There are many connection points between the Internet provider and your devices that need to be checked, but these are easily identifiable when you’ve been working with these issues for as long as we have.  The trick is to alter one ‘moving part’ at a time so that you can identify what makes the difference to the problem and find the solution.

Cost: We charged a nominal service call out fee of $69 for Nancy’s visit. There was, in this instance, no charge for parts.

Note: We can’t always offer our services for free, but we do definitely like to ‘pay it forward’ whenever we have the option.  If you have spare equipment lying around that you are not using, we are very happy to take it off your hands to use for our clients who are not in the position to buy new equipment.  If you are in the position where you need support but can’t afford it, please reach out to us and we will see what we can do to help.


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