Xero – a cloud based accounting system

Xero manages our projects, invoicing, payments for the business, it also tracks time worked on projects and manages the payroll for our employees.

Everyone receives an invite to join I.T.Lady Xero Projects. Please accept this invite and it will prompt you to create a new password.
Please also download the Authenticator app. You will need your password and a code from the app to login to Xero.  







In the Project tab under “All projects”, you can find all our current clients but also projects in draft or closed ones.
This is where you can add new clients/project. To add a new project, go to the green drop down on the right and choose the option you need.
Complete the required information and click create. Within a clients profile you can add new time entries, new tasks, estimated expenses and expenses.

Before you can add time entries, expenses etc. you need to create a new tasks within the project. Open the required project and go to the “add” drop down menu on the top right, select tasks and add the task name only and click save. There is no need to be specific with new tasks. Please try and keep the tasks more generic i.e Project work, Admin work, Meetings etc. 

This step in important to complete in order to be able to record your time against the projects you work on. 

Time Entries

Under the project tab is also the time entry option.
Click on project, then time entries. This is where you have access to put your time spent on various projects throughout the week.

To add a new time entry, firstly ensure you are entering your time in the correct week on the left. Then go to the green “new time entry” button on the right. 
Find and choose the project, select the task i.e. admin or meetings, add the duration, select the correct date and click save. If you have worked on the same project several time in the same week you can choose ‘save & add another’ that saves you having to find the project again. It will keep the project in the top.

Time entries need to be entered no later than MONDAY each week for the prior weeks hours worked. From there, we will approve your hours on the TUESDAY. Then on the WEDNESDAY morning, the payrun will be released.

Following the payrun, you will automatically receive your payslip via email.

Expense Claims

Expenses may occur from time to time and are submitted in the expense claim tab in Xero. You can add a new claim in expense claim tab on the right, please choose the correct one for you, either Expense claim or Mileage claim. Complete the requested information, add or upload your receipt and click ‘safe draft’ to complete at a later stage or submit the claim.