Do you need to upskill?

Computer software is always changing and updating.  It’s our job to stay ahead of the curve so we can help you stay on top of your daily tasks

Microsoft office training

We’ve been training in the Microsoft Office since version 1! That’s a long time.  If there’s anything you need to learn, here is the place to do it.  Come to us, or we will come to you.

time management

Need help fitting everything into your day? We’ve got some great computer assisted time management skills to help you feel like you can switch off and relax when the time is right. 

Computer basics

Do you feel like you got a little bit left behind with computers and technology?  We’ve got just the fix for you.  A kind and easy to understand approach for anyone just wanting to catch up a bit.

setting up a business / social media

Need some help setting up your amazing new business idea?  We’ve got all the information you need to get your processes up and running quickly and efficiently so you can focus on the job. 

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Book in for some learning…

Come to us

We have a lovely training environment, perfect for learning based near North Sydney. Come by yourself or bring the team

We come to you

If you prefer the environment of your own office, we are happy to come to you for either one on one or group training classes

Remote Learning

If neither of those options are available, we can also run classes remotely using Zoom, or teams or whatever platform you usually use

Client Testimonials

Here’s some comments from our recent training classes (we keep these anonymous, so they’re more truthful!)

Louise took the time to make sure we all understood each formula & Concept

Excel Advanced Training

Life Without Boarders

Loved Louise’s natural presentation style. Learnt some great new tips and tricks – 5 stars

Intermediate Excel

Riverview College

Louise was very knowledgeable, and able to explain things in a way that made sense to everyone.  The calss was interactive and had good energy, I felt comfortable to ask questions. Louise checked in with everyone to ensure all were following. My only area for improvement would be I wish the class was longer! What we covered was really interesting, but I’m sure there is heaps more I could learn

Life Without Borders

Louise was fantastic. Explained things really clearly and slowly. She answered questions and didn’t make me feel silly!

Introduction to Excel

Riverview College

Excellent service. Quality, Timeliness, Thoroughness & Customer Service

Alan Joyce