Communi-tea is  part of who  we are.

At the I.T. Lady, giving back is very important to us and our initiatives for giving back are at the core of our purpose.

We want to share a cup of tea, a computer, a website, a training class and all the other things that we create and make for our clients, available to those in need.  Read below to join in our communi-tea initiatives.

it lady start up

donate a website

Donate a Website is our initiative to help worthy causes to create websites when they don’t have the funds available to do it.  For every website that we create for our customers, we will donate a page.  As soon as we have enough pages to create a website for a client in need, we will donate the Website to them.  Click below to register for a Website, or to donate a page (or more than 1 page!) 

donate help hours

Donating help hours will allow the I.T. Lady to offer remote or onsite support to people in need who have emergency computer issues and no ability to be able to access this support.  For every 1 hour of support we provide, we will donate 10 minutes of support to someone in need.  As soon as we have enough hours in the bank, those hours can be claimed. Please click below to claim support hours, or to donate support hours.


The I.T. Lady has partnered with Zolo Together to create a world where all children have equal access to technology

Donate your old hardware via I.T. Lady so that we can help Zolo with their mission ….

“With ‘BYOD’ — Bring Your Own Device now a staple term in schools, it’s fundamental to equality that all school-going children have access to equal tools. At the core of our mission, since day dot — has been our brave hope to deliver one device to one kid each day through collected donated devices”

Click here to arrange a pickup for your old hardware


Communi-tea’s are our initivate to take help to the community.  We will hire out a local town hall, or community hall, set up for a day and offer support to everyone who arrives for a small fee.  All problems big and small are welcome.  Stay tuned for our community dates and times.

i.t. Kidz

I.T. Kidz is our program to help get kids up to speed with functional I.T. concepts. They cover this at school, but if they’re having trouble with the fundamentals such as typing, and mouse use then we can help with that.  Visit our kids website at

I.T. Care

I.T. Care is designed to take care of our ‘older’ friends in the community.  We will set up ‘shop’ in retirement villages and help with any issues on a monthly basis for a low and affordable rate. Easy, accessible, helpful and affordable.