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With COVID throwing a spanner into the works for just about EVERYTHING, mental health and work from home days have been essential snippets of getaways to get the washing done, catch up on a tv show on Netflix, go to the gym or beach in your lunch break and order Uber Eats for the day. We have used these exercises as a means of catharsis but now that Sydney is back into lockdown for the second time, third for some, its déjà vu all over again. Two weeks of attempting to keep the kids entertained, not seeing family and friends, no trips interstate and back to searching which store has the dunny paper.

While juggling the woes of lockdown, have you ever stopped to consider that you need an I.T. Health Day? It’s like spring cleaning your house, but for the junk on your phone or computer. It’s as if you’re tiding your mind and technology workspace simultaneously. I know these days seem like the dreaded inevitable taxes day but taking time out to reorganise is essential for your productivity. THIS is your reminder set up a day or just a space of time when the kids are out of your hair to get your life sorted.  


This is a big one! Most of us have separate work and personal email accounts, however, sometimes they can be all over the place. You might be having to re-login to some of your accounts if they’re using the same email service provider too. To avoid this, try following our Daily Sip tech tip on YouTube to separate your personal and work emails into different internet browser shortcuts here

You could also try using different apps for your personal and business accounts.  I.e; Outlook for your business mail and Mail on the PC or Mac for your personal mail. 

To assist with organisation, try moving all your emails into folders, using categories to organise emails into groups, setting tasks for reminders and ensuring your calenders are connected properly. Going through your junk and deleting your deleted emails forever can also create more room if you’re having space issues.  For some more great tips and tricks to organising your outlook email, refer to one of our previous blog posts here

Lastly, to keep you sane, go unsubscribe to the random companies that blast you with marketing emails that you only signed up to just for a discount! #guilty.


Sorting all your documents and photos into dates, projects or clients is essential. Sometimes, the prettier and cleaner the workspace, the better your mind can focus on the task at hand. If you’ve envied people who have a desktop that looks like its straight out of Pinterest, follow this tutorial by Hitakshi Shah for a clean, sophisticated and organised desktop look using Canva.

On a Mac, you can use the ‘Stack’ feature to sort all of your desktop items into files of types. Follow this link here to see how to use this great new feature.

Backing Up

Back up your precious photos, all of your work documents and keep your passwords secure. If you’re one of those people who has 20 000 photos on their phone just sitting there, go back it up now! If you’re an iPhone user, it’s as simple as plugging it into your computer, opening up iTunes and letting it back it up automatically. If you’re on Android, plug into your computer to start the backup.

You can also transfer photos manually onto a hard drive or back it up to iCloud. The I.T. Lady team recommend using a 1TB hard drive to back up all documents, data, photos etc. You can purchase one on our website here . On a Mac, you can use Time Machine to run your backups, on a PC, use Filehistory which you can find in settings, or simply type Filehistory in your search bar.

To keep your passwords private and protected, don’t write them all down in your notes or on a piece of paper in your office #guiltyagain. We recommend using apps like LastPass or Dashlane which store your passwords securely for you to access them again when you’ve forgotten. Both have free personal versions which work grat.

Lastly, don’t forget virus protection. There are lots of great virus protections out there, and they will all work well. If you’ve already got one, just make sure that it’s up to date and that your subscription hasn’t expired. Our favouite virus protection is Malwarebytes. It’s not too intrusive but does a great job and it’s very affordable. If you’re in immediate trouble with a suspected virus you can download the free version and clean up your computer, then purchase once your free period runs out. They also have great family options. Norton also has family options.

Finance Checks

Although a tedious task, use your I.T. Health Day to research, look for loopholes and change your current payment plans to better ones. This includes finding better:

  • Credit ratings
  • Bank interest rates
  • Health insurance premiums
  • Mortgage interest rates
  • Phone plans

Don’t forget to also:

  • Check up on your HECS student loans
  • Check on your super fund balance
  • Check your current credit card benefit points balance e.g. Frequent Flyer points

Once you’ve had the chance to dedicate a day, maybe two, to focus on reorganising your emails and computer desktop, backing up documents and files, installing anti-virus protection software and researching ways to save money; go out and enjoy some fresh air and give yourself a break. Go for a walk, follow a gym class tutorial on YouTube, take your kids to the park, do some painting in the backyard or knit yourself a scarf this winter!  Stay organised, stay warm and stay safe.



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