Graham has been a client of I.T. Lady for 15 years.  Over this time we have helped him with the development and updates to the database that manages his Jewellery Valuation business as well as I.T. support as necessary.  Recently he needed to sync his email on his desktop work computer and the laptop he uses when travelling

Did you know that if you purchase a version of Microsoft Office 365 (I.T. Lady’s preferred email and office applications) it comes with a license to use the product on up to 5 devices?

So, whilst Graham has had the new Office 365 on his laptop since we installed it, it hadn’t been loaded onto his big computer.  We were able to log in and remotely install the software, add his email and now Graham’s email is synchronised between both computers.

Lessons: You don’t need to purchase multiple versions of Office if you have more than one device.  This can be a desktop, laptop, ipad, iphone, Android phone.  Note, that only one email license is included so as long as you only will be using the same email address on each device you’re good to go.  Office 365 email licenses start at $6.95 per month so it’s very affordable.

Costs: Since Graham had already purchased the Office365 full suite, it was only $99 for our time to upgrade his email and office apps

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