Recently, Lindy had an issue with her Macbook where it just stopped working.  We established that there was a problem with the mother board which could be repaired for $750 or she could purchase a new computer given that it was 5 years old.  Read on to find out how we fixed the problem and retrieved all of Lindy’s photos from her Time Machine

Lindy decided rather than risk spending the money for perhaps a short period of time, it would be best to purchase a new computer.  She was very concerned that she would have lost all of her photo history and memories from her old computer.  She had a Time Machine set up, but it hadn’t been working for the last 6 months.

Lindy’s new computer was delivered to I.T. Lady headquarters.  We were able to run up the computer and access Lindy’s Time Machine to retrieve all of her old data.  The Time Machine hadn’t been run for 6 months, so there was a gap, but everything from that period was saved on her phone so that was lucky.

The backup on the Time Machine was a different Operating system to the one on the new Macbook.  This often causes a problem with system restore on a Mac.  It means that you can’t set up the new laptop from the Time Machine backup.  Instead we needed to set up the new computer, and then use the Migration Assistant to restore the data.

Using Migration Assistant allows you to choose what you want to restore.  It’s not necessary to restore all of the files and apps from the Time Machine as these are all installed fresh on the new computer so we were able to choose just the documents and restore them.

We then loaded all of Lindy’s office applications, set up her email, got the wifi working and then connected back to the Time Machine so that it will now continue to backup.

Lessons:  Make sure you have backups!  You never know when your computer is going to decide it’s had enough.

Costs: Lindy purchased the computer directly from the Apple store, the cost for I.T. Lady to restore her documents and set up her new computer was $350.

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